Okinawa World(Limestone Cave)& War Memorial Sites

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Niraikanai Bridge.(bus window)

The total length of the bridge formes meander line is 2165 ft. It is called Niraikanai bridge because two
bridges, Nirai bridge and Kanai Bridge, are connected each other. The height of the bridge is 262 ft. You
will see magnificant scenery when you go down from the top of the bridge by car.
You can enjoy the scenery of Kudaka Island is located on the emerald green ocean, Komaka Islnd.


Okinawa World.(staying about 100 min)

Tourist facilities to experience the nature, entertainment, and culture of Okinawa. You can enjoy the "Gyokusendo"which is limestone cave made ​​of coral reef about 30 million years ago, a beautiful town that is certified nationally designated tangible cultural property "Ryukyu Kingdom castle town", various crafts experience, the theme of the poisonous snake hub living in Okinawa "Hub Museum Park"and tropical orchard of 100 types and 450 plants "Tropical Fruit Garden". The Okinawan folk art "Super Eisa" has also been performances every day.


Okinawa Peace Memorial Park ・Cornerstoneof Peace(stayin about 50 min)

These are completed to Mabuni hill in 1995 to convey to the world the "heart of peace" of Okinawa, and pray for '50 Battle of Okinawa end. Name of all people regardless of nationality, military, non-military personnel, died in the Battle of Okinawa are engraved on the monument are lined. However, for Okinawan, it is not limited to the Battle of Okinawa, it is intended for all war dead.


Himeyuri Monument (Himeyuri Peace Museum)・Yubido(staying about 80 min)

The Himeyuri students was a group of 320 students of the Okinawa Daiichi Women's High School and Okinawa Shihan Women's School formed into a nursing unit for the Haebaru Army Hospital during the Battle of Okinawa in March 1945. They continued to nursing activities in the narrow pits soak in the groundwater at all times. Girls of 17-18 years old kept working for several things such as burial of dead bodies and care of the meal. The Southward of troops gave rise to casualties amongst them.The cave beside the tower where it was the third surgery moat that was going south.
They cannot go out because of the besieging army, and those who want to self-determination, in a poison gas attack by the United States Army, life of about 200 people were deprived.
A war memorial for 211 students and 16 teachers.


Outlet Mall Ashibinaa(staying about 60 min)

The first Outlet Mall in Okinawa with more than 70 brand shops of the world. There are company stores and authorized dealers at first floor. It is sold at 30% to 80% of the list price of discontinued products and stock items of brand. There are also a number of brands that are offered with a large discount price.

「Recommended points of Tour」

Recommended spot that is superb view point of the South, Gyokusendo is the most beatiful in the East, heroic Eisa, Okinawa battle field in Mabuni, and Outlet Mall with many brand shops of thw world.

Sightseeing Day Tour A course Okinawa World and Battle Sites

Departure time 8:30
Time required 7 hours.
※Please understand that the time required back and forth depending on traffic.
Service day

Boarding Place

Course map, click here

Adults 4,900 Yen
Child (6 years old-under 12 years old) 3,000 Yen
Infant (5 years old or under) Free for a infant. Child fee for second infant.
※Admission fee and meal fee of infant will be cost. Admission fee will be cost for 4-5 years old at Okinawa World.
※Tour fare includes an admission fee of Okinawa World and cost of a meal. It dose not include admission fee of Okinawa Prefectural Peace Memorial Museum and Himeyuri Peace Museum.


【Suspended services of sightseeing day tour and package tour.】

Please understand that there is a case to suspend services of tour because of the wether (typhoon) or other reasons.



We do not compensate you for damages  with the following case.

・The disease and injury due to negligence of the customer at the place you get off for sightseeing.

・Acts that violate public decency.

・The damage caused by transportation or blame other than ourselves.

※There is the case that a delay occurs by road conditions.

※Please notice that we may not service and not able to come back on time depending on the traffic situation.

  If you have a flight on the day tour, please give yourself for 2hours extra time when you join our tour.

  If you missed the bus, we will not bear any responsibility.

  Thank you for your understanding.

Okinawa World(Limestone Cave)& War Memorial Sites

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