Inquiries Information

Contact Precautions

For inquiries on weekends and holidays and outside our business hours, please understand that we may contact you on the next business day or later.
In addition, please note that it may take some time to respond due to the facts and status of the information received.

Please note that depending on the inquiry contents we might not be able to answer it.

Also please note that we are not able to give a specific deadline for our reply to urgent inquiries.
In case of requiring an immediate reply, please contact Okinawa Bus Main Office or each sales office.

Also refrain from entering half-width kana characters to avoid garbled characters.
Please notice that we will not be able to send you any confirmation email or answer your email if there is a wrong email address.

Inquiries by telephone.
Okinawa Bus Ltd.
098-862-6737 (Business hours:8:30~17:00)
※We do not do business on weekends, holidays, Year-end and New Year holidays.
※Please contact each sales office outside above mentioned service hours.

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