How to ride on the local bus.

Confirm the buses destination.

Check the destination with the rollsign at the top at the front of the bus, the route number, the via board and see the left side on the bus.

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Take a number-printed ticket.

Please take a number-printed ticket admit only one from vending machine next to the front door for opening and closing.
(Some buses have a back door for opening and front door for closing.)

Please do not forget to take a number-printed ticket that is proof of bus stop.
Please do not lost or hold the number printed ticket.


Take a seat.

Please take a seat after you ride on.    Please share a seat if it is for two persons for safety

Please hold on a strap or a handrail when you unwillingly stand up on the bus.


Push the button

Please push the button after announcement of the stop you intend to get off.


Check your fare, and get ready for get off.

To find your fare, match the number on your ticket with the one on the fare indicator hunged above the windshield. The fare on the fare indicator is your fare

Please get ready for payment to get off easily by reach the bus stop.
Please keep taking a seat until the bus stops completely.


Pay the fare

Please drop the fare into the fare box next to the driver.
The fare box dose not give you change, please change money in advance before you drop the fare.

If your fare is more than 1000yen, you cannot drop bills into the fare box when you pay in bills.
Please ask the driver for a bill inserting slit.


How to ride on the local bus.

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