Status of program for safety management

Committee of prevention accident (once a month)

We are held on committee of prevention accident once a month mainly with president and a head
of each sales office. Each sales office reports status of accident generation, we indicate to operationmanagers and drivers to make well known with verification, analysis and investigated the causes

An informal gathering for discussion and training session at each sales office

We commend a person for non accident dreiver and continuous service, report the status of
management and accident generation yearly that promote elevation of consciousness for prevention of accident and drunken driving.

Program for preventions of accident of each sales office.

①We held on ability training and make a recurrence prevention measure based on Road traffic law
and analysis cause of an accident for driver who had accident before

② We held on exchange of opinions by few employees with information of email magazine, accident
case of another company and our company, KYT sheet(trainign sheet for accident prediction), and Hiyaritto.

③We held on individual guidance based on an aptitude test and list of complaints

Internal inspection

We carry out a internal inspection on between October to November in every year

Status of program for safety management

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