Class for how to ride a bus

We open a class for “How to ride a bus” for children to let them know traffic safety and how inportant public transpotation is. In the class, you can learn how to ride a bus and manners in the bus, 
experience to ride a bus with a wheelchair, and learn how danger of dead ground and run out? from driver’s point. We promote information campaign to let you know inportance of follow the rules of traffic and deepen your understanding that the public transpotation is familiar to you.

※We open the class at any time for free. Please take it as a curriculum of school.

※Please contact Okinawa bus field operation for more detail.


I learned how to look at destination and how to ride a bus.


I learned the manners in the bus and the things I do not do inside the bus.


I learned how to check fare table


They taught me how to exchange money and pay the fare.


I put on regulation cap and simulate to be a driver. I learned there is a dead ground from driver seat.


I learned that people can ride a bus with a wheelchair.

Class for how to ride a bus

    • otori