Shuri Castle & Historical Sites

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Tamaudun(staying about 20 min)

Tamaudun is a large stone mausoleum, built by King Sho Shin (1476-1526), the their King of Sho dynasty, and King Shoen's son. World Heritage "Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu."


Shuri Castle Park(staying about 50 min)

There are Shurei no mon build in Sho Sei generation, Shuri Castle Park Rest Center, Sonohyan-utaki where king pray for, the main gate Kankai mon, and Zuisen mon in the Shuri Castle Park.


Kinjo-cho Ishi-Tatami paving(staying about 30 min)

Stone-paved road got ready for a main road to Naha harbor and the southern of Okinawa from the Shuri Castle Park in the sixteenth century.


Shikina-en(staying about 40 min)

Shikina-en was a detached residence of Ryukyu royal family. It was used for preservation of royal family and a reception for Chinese emperor was called Sappo-shi. It was constructed in the end of eighteenth century. It is called the circuit style garden where circulating walking paths are provided for enjoying views of the garden.


Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum

An outward appearance image to Gusuku Sites of World Heritage, and imitate to Ryukyu limeston.

「Recommended points of Tour」

Reasonable tour bus for Related Properties of the World Heritage and historical sites.

Package Tour Shuri Castle Park and Historical Sites.

Departure time 13:00
Time required 4hours.
Service day Every day of the year
※Shikina-en is closed pn every Wednesday. We will go Okinawa Prefectual Museum for substitution of Shiknina-en.However, if the Wednesday is a holiday, we held a tour as usual and we substitute operation on Thursday.

Boarding Place

Course map, click here

Adults 4,000 Yen
Child (6 years old-under 12 years old) 3,000 Yen
Infant (5 years old or under) Free for a infant. Child fee for second infant.
※Tour fare includes an admission fee of Tamaudun, Shuri Castle Park and Shikina-en.(An admission fee of Okinawa Prefectual Museum when Shikina-en is closed)


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Shuri Castle & Historical Sites

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